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Our archive of Event Reporting now stretches back nearly 14 years! It all started with a photographic record of our AGM in 2005, and that year also saw the National 41 Club Diamond Jubilee Lunch and Shirley Table's 50th Charter!


Other notable events from subsequent years would be the National Round Table 80th Charter Lunch, visits to the Houses of Parliament and the European Parliament, the amazing World 94 Weekend we helped host, and the inaugural National Classic Car Rally in 2014!


Amongst all those are the annual International trips, golfing exploits at National as well a local level, and all the many outings and other events we have been involved with!


I am creating an archive link list below to possibly help you more easily find your way to a specific event you attended, or find out who went! I shall concentrate on the 'significant' events such as the International trips and Charter Nights. If anyone particularly wants any other event listed, please let me know.


List will be created and added to piecemeal! (likely to be a long job!)


2005 - Shirley Round Table 50th Charter

          - International Trip to Gdansk

          - 41 Club Diamond Jubilee Lunch


2006 - International trip to Nerja

          - Round Table 80th Charter Lunch


2007 -

2008 -

2009 -

2010 -

2011 -

2012 -

2013 -

2014 -

2015 -

2016 -

2017 -

2018 -

2019 -


See where Shirley 41 Club have been over the years.


There have been trips to many places around Europe and our history page outlines these trips, including 'highlight moments' and in some cases further links to the actual report and photos!





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