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The World 94 event was a great success! The organising committee all seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the weekend, and here they are in their fancy dress outfits for the Friday Night Party!


For those who don't know the format for the weekend it actually began on Thursday 21st with the arrival of the Danish contingent. They were treated to a meal out that evening.


Friday was 'D-Day' with the arrival of all the rest of the foreign guests at Birmingham Airport. Most flew in, but some arrived by train and were brought across to the airport where we had a reception area all to ourselves to greet all our guests!


The German contingent also managed to lose their Chairman's case - which was quite vital as it had all their regalia and presentation stuff in it!


After quite a lengthy discussion and filling of forms at the 'Lost luggage' desk, plus a call to one of our team, they were able to supply an address for it to be delivered to later that day. (it had by now been found still in Germany!)

Friday continued with several of our Shirley contingent hosting barbeques and about 16 to 20 hosts plus foreign guests at each one, all turning up in their 'sporty' fancy dress! Then at about 10pm it was on to enjoy the Fancy Dress Party at Tidbury Green School Hall. An excellent night, with entertainment from Kylie and Lady Gaga!


At about 2am the event finished, and everyone went back to their hosts for a shortish sleep before being woken again for a good breakfast and off to Becketts Farm in time for 9:30am for the 'Sports games'!


After a long morning (for some!) trying to shake off hangovers it was a fish and chip lunch, followed by a coach trip to Stratford and Shakespeare's birthplace for the Ladies, while the guys held the traditional 'Business Meeting', which consists of a lot of banner and regalia swapping, several 'fines' by the Sergeant at Arms - usually drinking a yard of ale - and much general merriment that typifies the usual Round Table meeting!


Finally it was home for a 'power nap' (that's what one of our Belgians called it), shower, change, and get ready for the Gala Dinner at the Village Hotel! This is a 'black tie and posh frock' do, and everyone was photographed with their hosts. Some of the photos have been included below, but there are many more.


As people arrived they were greeted by some gentle music from the duo 'Viallo', and free drinks. In fact it was a free bar all night for wines and beers, and this also included champagne, as some found out!!


There was much merriment during the meal, and plenty of 'taking of wine', and port to go with the cheese. Yes, we had a four course meal AND cheese to finish with, and port to go with it!


Following the meal there was a presentation from the Germans as next year they are hosting in Giessen, then this was followed by the succession of sketches. Each country is expected to bring along a sketch, hopefully related to the 'theme'! These were certainly a 'various selection, and finished with an excellent and extremely funny slow motion sketch of their version of 'Chariots of Fire'! Brought the house down with a standing ovation! After this it was 'party on' to the disco until 'time' was called.


Sunday morning saw all hosts and guests turn up at the Slug and Lettuce for the brunch we had arranged, which was a full English for everyone that wanted it!


Finally, it was then a case of getting our visitors off to the airport for their flights home. That is, except for those who stayed on for a week or so, namely the South Africans!


Anyway, look through the photos below to see some of the action from the weekend.


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1. Thursday saw the arrival of the Danish contingent, who were treated to a meal out.

2. All the 'early arrivals' were taken to Baddesley Clinton on Friday morning .....

3. ... where they were shown round the house.

4. Afterwards some of the 'boys' went to see some cars ..

5. Friday evening and it was bbq time! there were several houses hosting bbq's ...

6. Some had a marquee for shelter ...

7. ... and some just 'enjoyed' the evening temperature without.

8. Generally all had a good time, and all attendees were in their fancy dress for the party later.

9. Some of the Germans managed to persuade their hosts to let them watch the footie

10. At the fancy dress party there were those modelling the Shirley 'look'

11. The Belgians made a good effort at being 'sporty'

12. The Germans seemed to have followed the Shirley idea somewhat ...

13. The Indians followed a 'sporty' theme ... and dressed in their local cricket team outfits.

14. The Swedes wore .... well ... something. Not sure of the Olympic 'sporty' connection though ...

15. We were entertained by Kylie and her two dancers.

16. ... and the crowd looked on.

17. Later the dancers changed outfits ...

18. ... and Lady Gaga appeared, trying to get some audience participation.

19. Saturday morning dawned, and many hung over foreigners had to take part in sports, including Zorb balling ...

20. ... the inflatable obstacle course ... oh that's not a foreigner, that's one of ours ... Bruce!

21. There was the inevitable water carrying race ...

22. Golf ...

23. Penalty shootout to try and beat the Germans at ...

24. ... there was still plenty of water to be carried ...

25. Meanwhile archery was also in progress ...

26. ... and some, it seems, were actually on target!

27. Also there was a 'sporty' game involving drinking ... well, it is a Table weekend! What did you expect?!

28. Meanwhile there was some National flag waving to encourage his compatriates!

29. Aha! The reason why the water race was proving so difficult! ... sabotage by the organisers ...

30. ... and Gary was adjudicating the amount of water carried!

31. More archery

32. ... and more water racing.

33. There was some discussion over the results

34. Finally, after lunch, the Tablers moved on to the 'business meeting' ... too many Chairman ...

35. The Table meeting gets under way ...

36. The Mayor of Solihull appears, to see what all the fuss is about ...

37. ... and is presented to all the Chairmen.

38. More typical Table meeting ...

39. ... which seems to amuse the Mayor!

40. Sergeant at Arms handed out penalties throughout the afternoon ... 

41. ... and there was more typical Table meeting activity!

42. And so on to the Saturday Night Gala Dinner! Each host couple were photographed with their 'hostees'

43. Rex and Rosemary with their four

44. We had musicians playing as people arrived

45. Our IPC Roly and Shelagh with their hostees

46. Alan and Clare with theirs ...

47. Richard and Helen had separate photos with their two couples, one from South Africa

48. and the other from Chennai in India

49. The organising committee once more!

50. Dave and Chris Ollis with the couples they hosted ... there were many more photos, but only so much room here ...

51. The Gala Dinner saw much 'taking of wine', a tradition we have now introduced our foreign visitors to.

52. Each table had some confetti cannons to spray it everywhere, including into drinks, and even into some dinners.

53. After the meal we had the sketches ... needless to say 'you had to be there'!

54. Then Sunday morning brunch at the Slug and Lettuce saw all our visitors and hosts treated to a 'Full English'!

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