Shirley Late Knights AGM 2005


The 2005 AGM was held at our usual venue, the Renaissance Hotel in Solihull. Our own Press were there to take some "action" pictures, to capture the ebb and flow of the debate etc. Of particular note for the event was Barry's jacket, although what he was on about was generally lost in the noise from said jacket!

While Barry (and some others) spoke most of the rest contemplated and made use of the bar that was conveniently to hand (see below).

The debate progressed and eventually we could put it off no longer...... yes, it was the turn of the Treasurer's Report!



Well, Phil made a great effort to interest everyone in the facts and figures associated with the accounts, but eventually we all succumbed to the inevitable .... yes total dejection and, in some cases, slumber, took hold of most of those in the room.

I mean, can YOU spot an interested face in this next photo? To see a larger size version click on the photo itself:


Well, the evening continued, report followed report, and eventually we reached the inevitable, the handover of the Chair. Well, Terry was obviously very happy for Tim, or was it relief all over?

Anyway Tim then had to take on the reins in the Chair and at first seemed a little unsure of himself.




In fact in this photo he seems to be attempting to gain inspiration from his glasses .... (Martin, is this a marketing opportunity?)

Well, eventually we reached the end and no doubt the "Official" record will be available from Whitt on the Forum shortly, in the form of the Minutes of the Meeting.

Don't forget, they will be there and available for comment such that the comments at NEXT year's AGM on them being a "true and accurate record", and also "matters arising" can all be kept to a minimum (.... some hopes!!)

Last edited 12th July 2005