National 41 Club Diamond Jubilee Luncheon


A large contingent of Shirley Late Knights, as well as quite a few other Round Tablers from Area 35 (past and present) attended the National 41 Club Diamond Jubilee Luncheon at the ICC. Highlight had to be Chartering of a new 41 Club, for past Area 35 Exec members.

The event was held with a sellout number of about 600 attendees. There was music from a Brass Band, an excellent entertainment, and a nurse on hand to tend the needy.

Even Area 35 Chaiman Richard found the event was too much for him and he had to be administered to by the event nurse...

Coops even found himself requiring close attention!

I don't know what Steve and Howard found particularly interesting, but it must have been good! (LOOK BEHIND YOU!!)

The celebrity guest speaker was the irrepressible Max Boyce, who allowed himself to be pictured with another Welshman Martin Williams.

He later gave us a splendid hour of entertainment, and even showed us English how we could counter the All Blacks haka with one of our own! ... You will have to ask someone who was actually there to explain!

Eventually the new 41 Club was formally acknowledged and all the founder members were invited up to shake hands with Top Table.

Then the Charter was handed to Mel, the current Chairman of the new 41 Club.

Eventually all the founder members of the newly chartered Area 35 41 Club had received their handshake and we were able to get a picture of them all lined up together... ish ....

Last edited 12th July 2005