Event - Round Table Area 35 AGM 30th April 2013



The Area AGM was Chaired by none other than our own Gary Phipps. His cheerleaders turned up to cheer him on, and was last seen with them.  After that some hirsute tart came along to sling the Area Chairman's gong around the incoming Chairman.


For more, I suggest you look through the photos below (any captions welcomed!).

1. 'Mine's bigger than yours'

2. The throng beforehand. See who you can spot

3. RTB1 numberplate went missing AGAIN!

4. ?

5. The Area throng seated to eat

6. Gary spouting forth about something or other ...

7. James gives his report ...

8. Gary's babes turn up ...

9. ...and then a hirsute tart takes over ... 10. ...to hand on the Chairman's chain. 11. He offers a toast to Gary for his excellent year! 12. ...and the new Area President Paul is sworn in!



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