Event - Shirley Round Table AGM 25th April 2013



The Table AGM hosted several of our 'veterans', who no doubt were able to offer their wisdom and experience, which Table no doubt promptly ignored, as is the tradition!


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. James gets the meeting under way ...

2. ... but almost immediately gets distracted ...

3. The S494 summit line-up.

4. Having been Chairman during Olympic year, James attempts to pass the baton ...

5. 'Ooh la la! Les Moulin Rouge cyclistes'

6. James finally works out what to pass on ...

7. 'Good luck mate! Do you know who's Chairman of 41 Club yet?'(I think he does, really!)

8. Alan thanks James for his Presidential year.

9. The Area Chairman asks why does Shirley Table have so many 'mature' members ... 10. It's a cowboy operator! 11. Some biker wrestles the President's gong from Steve ... 12. Presidential handover summit meeting!



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