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The history of our own 41 Club, locally known as Shirley Late Knights, should certainly include something about the many trips that have been undertaken by various groups of members over the years. As a beginning to the history section a log of our International trips has been included here and will hopefully help to bring back fond memories for those who attended.

Year Where What happened
1987 Bad Lauterberg, Hartz Mountains, West Germany

Spent 1 day in West Berlin. Met up with Gottingen Table. (travelled by coach)

1989 Koblenz on the Rhine 

(travelled by coach) The very weekend the Berlin Wall came down!

1991 Bad Lauterberg, Hartz Mountains,  Germany

Spent 1 day in  Berlin. Met up with Gottingen Table. (travelled by car)

1992 Prague

The inaugural meeting of Prague Round Table No.1,  sponsored by Paris No.1 & Brussels No.1 (travelled by car)

1993 Brussels

Met up with Brussels No.1 Table (travelled by car)

1994 Majorca First time we went by air. Met up with Majorca 41 Club
1995 Majorca Met up with Majorca 41 Club
1996 Majorca Met up with Majorca 41 Club
1997 Benidorm  
1998 Tenerife  
1999 Torremolinos Met up with Torremolinos 41 Club. Highlight was the visit to Gibraltar
2000 Dublin Highlight was the visit to Killmainen Jail and the visit to the pub opposite - called The Patriot - with a notice outside saying “for locals only” and our Most Competitive Member being lucky to escape with his life
2001 Majorca (again!) Met up with Majorca 41 Club Highlight- the BIG storm, the number of times that some members had to change rooms when flooded out and the tree in the swimming pool
2002 Munich Highlights were the visit to Dachau concentration camp and to the Neuschwantein castle
2003 Amsterdam Highlights were the twice abandoned landing on the plane, the Rugby World Cup Final in an Australian Pub, the price negotiations by our esteemed Marketing Member and the way in which we were diddled by a scallywag in the station of money for the left luggage machines. Heart stopping moments all
2004 Hamburg Coops managed to stretch his Birthday celebration to 25 hours. If anyone can remember (or guess!) which birthday it was, maybe Coops will offer a prize ....
2005 Gdansk The 41 Club Vodka trip was ably hosted by Poland No 2 Round Table, especially "Jack". They just wondered why Shirley Table had sent their dads instead ....

Much camaraderie, comments about "what goes on tour ....", and flights by Wizz Air (yes really! Check the photos in the report)

2006 Nerja

The "Nerja 12" invaded the place but it seems no one noticed. Probably a good thing ..... there was a lot about BIG hats, lots of eating and drinking (with 41 Club when is this NOT the case?!), and even some sightseeing.

The main thing I (i.e. Webmaster) noticed is that at least Colin Bowater knows where his towel is .... pictures available here

2007 Riga A successful trip via two flights (it seems) was accomplished by those who went, and the usual significant amount of alcoholic beverages were sampled ... to check for quality, of course! Report can be read here
2008 ... err, see below The Riga trip was towards the end of 2007,and the Strasbourg trip arranged within the 2008/09 year, but just happened to be planned in January 2009 ...
2009 Strasbourg No fewer than 21 members of the Club descended on the European Parliament in Strasbourg but luckily no one noticed! They were hosted by several MEP's and treated to some of their speeches. There were some other activities undertaken, which mainly seemed to revolve around food, and possibly the odd drink ... or six! Read more here
2009 Malta In late November (moving into the beginning of December) an intrepid group went off to meet Malta 41 Club. A great time enjoyed by all, apparently (but this webmaster has seen no report or photos as yet - maybe a case of 'what goes on tour stays on tour'?)
2010 Brasov The International Trip this time took in the sights and sounds of another eastern European country, Romania (report and photos awaited)


2011 Algarve This time took our International Crew to the warm sunny climes of the Algarve. Read all about it here


2012 Budapest Nine of our Late Knights headed off for Budapest in October to discover what all the interest in this great city is. Needless to say our foreign correspondent sent back a rather mixed photographic selection. All those received by your editor are published in the report. Read all about it here
2013 Merano This time seven of our Late Knights headed off to Merano for a look at this Italian town. Our foreign correspondent once again sent us a rather mixed photographic selection. All those received by your editor are published in the report. Read all about it here
2014 Cologne Eleven flew to Cologne in two waves to sample German beer, eat more pork that was good for us, play some cards, “get into” a party, try out the buses and the trains go up a mountain in a cog railway and travel down the Rhine in a boat. Oh, and drink more beer. And then some more. Read all about it here
2015 Guernsey Eight of our members flew off on the annual (Inter?)National trip in October, this time going as far as Guernsey! There was some beer drinking, a boat trip, some war history, beer drinking, a castle visit, and food! Read all about it here
2016 Lisbon Eleven intrepid Club Beer explorers set off for Lisbon! Read all about it here
2017 Bordeaux Several of our number flew off to one of the French Wine areas for sampling and other activities! See the photos here
2018 Brussels The International trip in 2018 was to Brussels, Waterloo and Ghent.
Twelve of us went on the Thursday morning on Eurostar from St Pancras to Brussels where we met up with Greg Fanning, who was already there for his work.
See the photos here

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