Event - SLK International trip to Lisbon - 14th to 17th October



Report courtesy of Rex (text and poem!) and Alan (photos)

"Eleven of us caught a 7 am flight to Lisbon from Birmingham airport on Friday 14th October 2016. Arriving before lunch we had time to meet in the bar and then start to explore Lisbon. One of the highlights was the roof terrace bar in the hotel, where we gather each evening at 6 pm for a pre-dinner drink.

During the weekend we took the number 15 tram to Belem and ate Pastel de Belém custard tarts, we went up tall monuments, hopped on a train to Cascais where we ate grilled sardines. We went to Rossi station and took the train to Sintra where we boarded the number 434 circular hop-on hop-off bus and visited a royal palace and an 11th century Moorish castle with amazing views for miles and miles.


We had a superb Portuguese meal in a small restaurant with great local beers and tomato boxes for lampshades. We drank in a beer museum on the main square by the River Tagus. We ran up a down escalator (for a short distance) in Rossi station. We went on a narrow old tram, number 28, through narrow old streets to the castle on one of Lisbon’s seven hills. We ate too much drank too much and returned home on Monday ready for a holiday.


Next year perhaps?"


And all summed up by this short little poem penned by Rex:


There once were eleven from Shirley

All chaps and not one a girly

A weekend of wine

And ten were just fine

But one of the guys was quite poorly


Boom Boom!


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and any captions) below.

1. Some local art

2. Some local architecture

3. Oh yes! Some local beers!

4. A drinking establishment

5. A group photo

6. More of the old town architecture

7. Hopefully this wasn't the air transport! 8. More magnificent buildings 9. A yellow funicular railway 10. But Dick found something more interesting! 11. Meat! 12. More old buildings!

13. ... and more! 14. An old castle 15. Roly on the battlements 16. Checking the water? 17. ... and ... drinks! 18. A photo of Paul ... taking a photo ..

19. Paul ... on the wall 20. Nigel obviously thinks the Chairmanship deserves a certain status ...  21. ... errrrm ... the caption is in the photo, surely ... 22. More beers! And why not?! 23. Dick points out the technicalities of the design 24. Who let this lot on the bus?

25. More architecture 26. Some rather firm Portuguese cheek! 27. Nigel pulls ... his own pint ... 28. More drinking! 29. Yet more drink - wine! With food this time 30. Night time architecture

31. Nigel seems very interested in the fetish display? 32. This isn't more of the same ... is it?! 33. Enjoying more architecture ... while drinking ... errr... coffee? 34. Modern architecture! (presumably) 35. Oh look! MORE beers! 36. The harbour

37. Ah! Back into the wines! 38. ... this time, with food! 39. A magnificent interior 40. BEERS! Stocking up because of Brexit, obviously! 41. The Man in the High Castle ... no ... wait! It's only the Chairman 42. And a final view before returning home!



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