Event - National Classic Car Rally - Yeovil - 5th to 7th August 2016



Report courtesy of Chris and Alan

Several of our own SLK members enjoyed a weekend with many other like minded 41 Club 'petrol heads' from around the country.  Unfortunately Barry Durman couldn't be with us this year due to breakage - but of him, not his car!


Most arrived during Friday afternoon and then there was a late afternoon chat over a beer or two before a nice informal meal.


The next morning saw us, after breakfast, milling around the car park inspecting one another's 'rides' and generally getting into the 'petrol head' theme.


Then, we were off ... not very Le Mans style start ... on a gentle drive around the countryside eventually ending up at the Haynes Motor Museum for lunch.


After lunch we got to wander around the magnificent car collection they have there! The 'piece de resistance' is probably the 1928/30 era Duesenberg that is currently valued at £15 Million! ... and they still let Alan and myself sit in it! However, neither of us could work out how to start the thing!


After this there was another gentle drive through the Summerset countryside and back for a drink and then the dinner and awards!


The Sunday morning we again began with a good breakfast, followed by some milling around the car park, and then another country drive to Kilver Court Designer Village for coffee and possible shopping.


After this it was on to lunch at the Highwayman Inn just south of Shepton Mallet,  via a magnificent drive with fantastic views of Wells Cathedral (and for your Webmaster a quick stop to see the steam engine at the East Somerset Railway).


While visiting the wonderful Haynes Car Museum we came across this, where we were able to 'graffiti' our own message onto a poor unsuspecting Mini. I hope Barry appreciated it while lying in a Plymouth Hospital bed! (it was Facebooked in his direction!)



For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and any captions) below.


1. Arrived safe on Friday ...

2. ... in time for a beer or two

3. A wonderful Alvis

4. Ian's car is next to a lovely Alfa Romeo from the 60's (I think!)

5. Inspecting other's motors!

6. More inspections ...

7. Colin Turton's magnificent E-Type 8. Terry tries to explain the route book 9. ... still explaining, confused looks all round 10. We're off! ... to a not a very Le Mans style start ... 11. ... to the Haynes Motor Museum for lunch 12. We got to park right near the entrance

13. A rather interesting and mixed bag selection 14. We took up all the special parking area. 15. Yes, there were lots of us! 16. Colin and Christine Turton with their E-Type 17. The beautiful Alfa Romeo that won 'Favourite car' 18. Then into the museum to see all the wonderful exhibits!

19. This is known as 'The Red Room' - no idea why! 20. There were lots of great cars ...  21. Formula 1 cars ... 22. ... Hot Rods ... 23. ... painted cars - can you see the naked lady?! 24. The 'American Room' I guess.

25. That blue one on the plinth? The £15 million Duesenberg 26. They even let us sit in it! 27. Alan as well. However, neither of us could work out how to start it 28. Back for evening drinks ... 29. ... and evening meal. Prizes were awaded. 30. This fellow owns the white Alfa Romeo that won the 'Car we most want to go home with'

31. Group photo the next morning 32. Preparing to set off ... 33. ... through the lanes, to get to the coffee stop ... 34. ... at the Kilver Court Designer Village 35. Surely you are meant to bring more of your car? 36. Coffee stop in the cafe.

37. Onwards, via the East Somerset Railway ... 38. ... and appropriate architechture! 39. ... to the lunch stop at The Highwayman Inn 40. Look at all that horsepower! 41. A great line-up of classics! 42. And finally home safe and sound!



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