Event - International Visit to Merano November 7th to 11th 2013




Seven of our Late Knights headed off to the Italian Tyrolean town of Merano.


As the photos show they seemed to have had a good time and even got on with the natives.





1. As is the way with these trips it involved drinking ... (of course!) ... and some food

2. There was a Mountain Museum to visit and fondle the exhibits ...

3. Rex, Peter and two Davids ... still at the museum.

4. Dinner was meant to be around here somewhere ...

5. Smart boots, Mr Chairman!

6. A toast on the Saturday night

7. At last! - A chestnut! 8. The Chairman with a new proposed honourary member, Bob! 9. Who's a pretty boy then! (well, it's not Whit, is it!) 10. Rex, Dennis, David and Jonanthan at the Merano Gardens 11. Merano itself 12. The 'Merano seven' ... I presume they were let out on good (?!) behaviour!






13. The view from the hotel bedroom window. Notice the Italian contempt for marked parking spaces!          



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