Event - Hall Green Ladies Night and '40th Charter' November 30th 2013




Many of our members, along with their Tangent partners, attended the Hall Green Ladies Night and '40th Charter Night' to celebrate what would have been 40 years of Hall Green Round Table.


The 'Hall Green contingent' did a magnificent job of organising a splendid evening and even managed to invite along the 41 Club National President who attempted to give a speech. In true Hall Green tradition he was interrupted and taken away to be incorporated into the Dad's Army sketch.


Needless to say an enjoyable and entertaining evening for all who attended! 





1. Greg and Mike do much of the MC work ...

2. The Shirley Round Table Chairman was kept supplied with custard.

3. Jayne finds something unusual in her coffee.

4. Martin Green tries to begin his speech, but is told to keep the noise down by the ARP warden

5. Sergeant Moss makes his way through the crowd ...

6. ... while Private 'Pike' Mullett keeps his own neck warm.

7. All stand to ... 'Atten.....SHUN!' 8. Captain Fannering tries to keep order. 9. Meanwhile, the civilians are kept amused. 10. It seems someone vaguely female might be trying to attract the attention of the troops 11. ... hmmmm ... would YOU be distracted from YOUR duties? 12. It seems the troops have made their mind up.

13. Alan and Clare 14. Finally, the National President gets to have his say! 15. Keith follows that up with some words of his own. 16. Barry gets in the picture with the ladies! 17. Look, there he is again! 18. The Table Chairman seems to have been left to himself on the dance floor ...



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