Event - Visit to Warwick Fusiliers Museum 5th December 2013



Webmaster's prize 2013-14 AGM

Date 2 : xx-07-xxxx


Our December meeting departed from the 'norm' (whatever that is!) and saw us visiting the Museum of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (Royal Warwickshire).


There was plenty to see and our guide talked to us about much of the detail associated with at least some of the items.


There were uniforms in glass cases, many medals, memorabilia, and even some items from Monty himself, who had served with the regiment in his early army days.





1. There were medals displayed in glass cases ...

2. ... and on the walls.

3. The Regimental history was on display.

4. We all listened intently to our guide ... whose knowledge was unstoppable!

5. Some helped in the trenches ...

6. ... as did others ... Peter Williams! Do watch what you are doing ... !!!

7. Monty - a portrait. Not sure how impressed Bruce is though ... 8. I thought Monty had done such a good job he deserved a pat on the back! 9. If the hat fits ....!!!! 10. ... and a couple of 'nice boys'! After this we left ... hurriedly ... 11. ... so we could get to the pub for our grub! 12. More eating and drinking ...



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