Event - New Year Walk January 5th 2014




Several of our members, along with some from Tangent, headed out in to the New Year weather to sample the delights of the Kenilworth Greenway.


It seems Roly got to catch up with some of his patients, and Ken kept everyone in order with vigorous waving of his stick!


As the photos show they seemed to have had a good walk, and of course gravitated to the pub for grub and beer once their legs and feet were tired.





1. Everyone assembles, and Ken points out the dangers of the railway with his stick.

2. Ken leads on with vigorous stick waving ...

3. Roly finds one of his patients and does a quick 'drive by' checkup.

4. The Greenway follows one of the pathways created by Dr Beeching

5. Alan finds one of the bridges ...

6. ... and everyone else finds another ...

7. Barry and Colin no doubt discussing football ... Rachel seems resigned to the inevitable! 8. The Chairman discusses something with Jerry ... 9. Ah! At last! The sign that tells them they are not lost ... despite Ken's stick waving! 10. Another of Roly's patients calls at the mobile surgery ... 11. Finally, the flooding defeated them so they headed off to ... 12. ... the pub! Where else?! Good food, good beer, and good chat!



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