Event - Speaker Meeting March 6th 2014



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Date 2 : xx-xx-2007


Our March meeting found us back at our fairly regular venue at the St John's Hotel. Our guest Speaker for the evening was the Solihull Borough Police Commander Sally Bourner.


However, before Sally had her say there were a few notices from some of our members, most notably Whit giving us a short run down of the successful International Trip to Merano in November. He also of course showed us how well he is recuperating!

Barry also insisted on getting in the action for the evening ... as usual! The Vice Chairman has obviously heard it all before and is trying hard to keep his eyes open ...

Finally, we let Sally have the floor so she could inform us how well we are all being looked after by our local bobbies!


It was a very interesting and informative session, and many of us had questions to ask about our local Police Force.

As you can see she was in uniform so, just in case she was still 'on duty', everyone seemed to be on their best behaviour ... !!



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