Event - AGM April 3rd 2014




Yes, it was 'The Chairman gets to give a speech' time once again. After a rather subdued meeting, with the usual discussion around the finances, DJ finally got round to the bit where he thanks everyone for their support during the year.


There were gifts showered on various Officers around the room. The photos below show some of the recipients.


Eventually common sense prevailed and he was finally persuaded to hand over the chain of office to Keith, for the beginning of his year!





1. DJ gets going on his speech and thank you's to his Officers ...

2. Yours Truly gets something shiny ...

3. Whit is thanked personally for turning up. Well done Whit!

4. Naren is thanked - but what are you doing to Barry's neck?

5. Andy also gets something shiny - errrr ... is that a suit???

6. Paul is thanked too - meanwhile, Barry seems to be questioning the Treasurer ...




7. DJ has a special gift for Martin - errrrm... can I hear it ticking? 8. Finally, the Chairman has to pass on the gong, welcome Keith! 9. ... and the formal handover handshake is complete!      



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