Event - Moseley Table 'Beer and Butchery Night' - 24th October 2013




Some of us joined Shirley Tablers on what turned out to be something of an Area event at Moseley's 'Beer and Butchery' evening.


A local butcher (well known to one of the Moseley Tablers) brought along a whole hind quarter of a beast and proceeded to cut it up to demonstrate where the cuts of meat came from.


Needless to say this was a rather different event and was quite popular. Many questions were asked throughout the demonstration.


Also, at the end of the evening we all got to take home some beef.


There were joints, t-bone steaks, sirloin, etc etc. Plenty to go round!

Once it was all cut up we were able to take a closer look at the various cuts before being given a 'pot luck' selection ... although in the end many were able to ask for what they wanted.


There were also 4 beers on tap to sample (all inclusive, along with the food) so for a grand total of £15, including some meat to take home, a good event all round!


A shame there weren't more photos of the event ... unless those that were there have any more?




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