Event - Visit to Wythall Transport Museum 3rd October 2013



Webmaster's prize 2013-14 AGM

Date 2 : 31-xx-xxxx


We saw a good turn out at Wythall Transport Museum for our October outside visit.


The Museum was opened specially for our visit and we were shown round many of their exhibits, many members seemed to have some tale or other to tell of their youth, memories of travelling around on the buses.


The pictures below show some of the buses (and other vehicles) we saw:



1. All attending met in the briefing room ...

2. ... and then split into two groups to see all the buses

3. There were examples of Midland Red buses

4. They also have other vehicles too. Needs a lick of paint ...

5. ... and some good old classic Birmingham Corporation buses

6. It seems Leicester's buses weren't quite so well maintained ...

7. There were even 'spots' to tell which garage the bus was from! 8. Spot the one that isn't the dummy ... perhaps not so easy ... 9. Chairman: 'Hello gorgeous! Let me tell you about the Sky Blues ...' 10. 'Someone' seemed to be getting even more acquainted ... do you recognise this man? 11. We saw some REALLY old buses ... 12. ... and some that were just OLD ...





13. ... and were given a very interesting talk about all those we were shown! 14. ... and finally the bus driver took us all home ...        



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