Event - Widney Manor Golf Challenge 30th June 2014



Tim shows us all the way to do it! The evening at Widney Manor was reasonably well attended although we did miss out on any Round Table members attendance.


Various prizes were awarded by Andy as you will see in the pictures below. He is AWARDING them (mainly), although he does win one himself too! Photos from the event are the first 6 pictures below. (Editor's note: Although I was there I cannot remember what any of the prizes were for, but I have now been enlightened)


Previously in the year a Shirley Late Knights Team of Andy, Howard and Tim successfully defended the National Conference Trophy!

Tim also won the Individual prize - well done!


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1. Tim drives off ... errrm ... the ball's still there ...

2. Andy is slighly embarasingly presented with one of his own prizes for managing to come second.

3. Tim also wins a small prize for 'Nearest the pin'

4. Barry managed the 'Longest Drive' - and for non golfers it has nothing to do with the Birdlip Run!

5. Mike only manages 3rd place

6. ... and the overall winner is ... an invited guest, Mitch Dyson!




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