Event - National 41 Club Classic Car Rally 21st & 22nd June 2014



Three of our own members (sadly your Webmaster was unable to join them - next year, hopefully!) enjoyed a memorable weekend with like minded 41 Club 'petrol heads' from around the country, some even brought their partners!


The weekend saw them meet at a hotel on the outskirts of Hinckley, and then set off for a drive around Mallory Park, and also a visit to the Transport Museum in Coventry.


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. Alan was happy to talk all about his Merc

2. ... and Dennis about his Aston Martin

3. There really were some nice classics!

4. ... and some maybe not quite so classic

5. ... even Barry got his car there too!

6. The group photo at Mallory Park

7. The line up, before venturing ... 8. ... onto the track! 9. Alan seems to be concentrating on staying on the track ... 10. ... on the main straight past the stand! 11. A line up afterwards. 12. ... and what is that?

13. Alan doing a bit of posing 14. The evening meal ... 15. ... seemed to be enjoyed by all! 16. Even a bit of a talk. 17. ... and a presentation! 18. Barry, Dennis and Libby

19. They all went for a drive ... 20. ... a quick stop for 'refreshment' 21. ... and then parked up outside ... 22. ... the Transport Museum in Coventry! 23. All in a line! 24. Looks quick!





19. Alan is trying to work out how to get one engine into his car! 20. ... and to finish ... nice! Just ... nice!        



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