Event - Big Brum Buz Tour 5th June 2014



So we all went off for a ride on a buz ....


First of all we met up at the Robin Hood pub for a swift one beforehand. Then it was climb aboard for a tour of the Brum city sights, some of which many of us were still not aware of!


Generally an enjoyable evening and fish and chips served from the boot of Christos' Mercedes! What more could we want?!


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. Assembling ready to board ...

2. Lots of room on top! Just watch out for the foliage!

3. Everyone seems to be enjoying the sunshine!

4. ... including the Chairman!

5. St. Mary's church, Moseley, as seen from the top deck.

6. The Bull's Head and Deolali restaurant, Moseley

7. Stratford Place 8. Nearing the city centre ... 9. ... and Mary, the tour guide, keeps up the flow of interesting information! 10. The 'silver slug' ... aka Selfridges 11. Passing it by ... 12. Birmingham Metropolitan College, Jennens Road

13. Passing the law courts ... why does the Chairman look worried? 14. Round past the Council House 15. Out towards the Jewellery Quarter clock tower 16. We arrived at our 'watering hole' ... 17. ... and fish and chip stop - served out of Christos' Mercedes boot! 18. We headed back past the place of knowledge ... but didn't stop!



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