Event - National Conference Trophy 2014



The National Conference saw a team from Shirley - Andy, Howard and Tim - take on all comers from across the country to try to defend the trophy Shirley won last year (see photo below) and they ended up victorious once again! This the Team photo as they are presented with the trophy! Well done guys!


Not only is this the second year in a row Shirley have won this event, but we are also the Club that have won it the most with now (I think!) 5 wins since its inception!


Also, as well as the National Conference Team Trophy, Tim also won the Individual prize, well done!


As well as this competition Shirley were also winners of the National Team and Individual Competition in September 2013 so were hoping to try and defend the National Trophy in 2014 to make it a 'double double'!

Just for completeness there is also a photo below showing the success from last year.





  05 - Last edited 12 October 2014