Event - Cec Crossley Challenge 10th July 2014



This year our annual Cec Crossley Challenge against the 'youngsters' was a pool match.


For some reason Mike 'Chico' (AKA 'Bandit') Clarke was left in charge of the scoring system. As it turned out no one else understood his system, thus I think you could say the result was somewhat predictable!


Anyway, an enjoyable night seems to have been had by all, whatever the result!


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. Steve gets us underway

2. Coleman takes his turn

3. Lewis continues for Table

4. Your Webmaster 'racks up' ...

5. ... and goes for the pot

6. Tim gets his turn to break

7. Rex joins in 8. Meanwhile Mark and Peter watch the action 9. Then Mike steps up for the final showdown ... 10. ...pots a few balls ... 11. ... and finally explains the scoring system to slightly bemused Tablers! 12. Meanwhile the crowd are left slightly confused!



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