Event - Wales Weekend 22nd to 24th March 2019



Twelve intrepid (or should that be crazy/mad?) members headed off into deepest darkest Wales ... well ... all right, Betws-y-Coed, for a weekend to rival the good old Wales Weekends of those days when we were still actually in Table!


It goes without saying a good, if tiring, time was had by all and there was still plenty of time to spend recounting our various exploits in the bar afterwards.


There was a whole morning spent on zip wires (at Zip World) and there was even a toboggan/roller coaster on which we had 3 runs!


The Saturday afternoon had 8 of us spending about 5 hours in the slate mines walking, paddling across an underground lake, climbing an underground waterfall, and a few other challenges along the way.


Sunday morning saw 7 of us donning wetsuits for a 4 hour 'gorge scrambling' session, basically walking up a stream/river bed, swimming in plunge pools, and climbing very wet waterfalls! A great and very enjoyable (if cold!!!) morning for most!


A breakaway group spent their sessions walking round various parts of the valleys while the rest of us got on with the more strenuous activities!


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1.  We set off into the woods ...

2. ... where we were 'kitted up' with several strange bits of string ...

3. ... which enabled us to 'leap from tree to tree' ... well ... perhaps not exactly 'leap' ..

4. ... and clamber across the obstacles ...

5. ... entangle ourselves in other various bits of string ...

6. ...and even reach (eventually!) the viewing platform half way round!

7. There were selfies taken with the view. 8. Meanwhile, the walkers relaxed with a coffee 9. Then it was onto the roller coaster! (3 rides) 10. What fun! 11. In the afternoon we headed up the valley to a slate mine 12. The way in was a challenge!

13. There was an underground lake to paddle across ... 14. A waterfall to climb ... 15. We managed to do a bit of 'standing around and talking b******s' ... 16. ... while waiting for everyone to complete the abseil 17. The final climb out was rather 'damp' ... 18. Finally heading back to the cars.



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