Event - Bletchley Park 21st March 2019



Photos courtesy of Chris Head and Alan Short


Didn't we have a lovely day the day we went to ... Bletchley Park!


Several of us (12 in total, I think!), including some partners, had a great day out visiting Bletchley Park. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking day out in good company.


Eight of us went by train from Hampton in Arden (free parking!!!) and met up with the other 4 at Bletchley. Although we did not utilise Barry's beloved Virgins, we did get there ... if perhaps half an hour late due to our train terminating at Northampton instead of continuing as it was supposed to!


We had one of the guided tours, and then spent another couple of hours perusing the exhibits at our leisure.


There was one of the decoding 'bombe' machines that does occasional demonstration runs. The house is interesting in its own right, and the grounds themselves are very well kept.


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1.  Eight of us waited for the train (Barry is behind the camera!)

2. Not one of Barry's beloved Virgins, but we got there ... eventually!

3. Bletchley Park house and lake

4. One of the huts

5. Claire in front of the house

6. The main 'front room', set up as it was during Bletchley's war decoding years

7. Another part of the buildings 8. One of the cottages. 9. Claire tries out the old equipment 10. Remember! 'Careless talk costs lives!' 11. One of the Bombe machines used to decode Enigma 12. One of the vehicles used by Bletchley staff



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