Event - Active Black Country 41 Club visit to sewage works - 18th April 2016



Just two days after had Barry become National 41 Club President his first visit in the Presidential limousine was to visit the Active Black Country (ABC) 41 Club and their visit to Stourbridge Sewage Works.


So Barry became President on the Saturday, and just two days later he was right in the sh*t!


A good evening of fellowship and finding out how our sh ..... errrrr .... sewage is treated and cleaned - such that clean water leaves the works - and was a interesting and informative evening.


Afterwards, we retired to a local hostelry to partake of a local ale or three, and talk more sh*t!


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. ABC members surround the Presidential limousine!

2. A group photo, to show who we started with ...

3. ... not sure if we lost anyone down this big hole.

4.A big long deep screw!

5. Barry poses ... errr ... Barry, you are right in front of the ...

6. ... skip full of all the solid matter!

7. One of the channels where the solid matter is removed ... 8. ... yes, everyone standing around another of the 'solids collection' channels 9. Then the water is passed to the settling tanks. 10. The large tanks where the bacteria get to work to clean up the water 11. ... and again, the 'friendly' bacteria tanks 12. One of the settling tanks ...


13. ... which the ducks just think are round lakes! 14. We stand around the outlet channel, where the water is now clean 15. ... and ask more sh*t questions! 16. Finally, we retire to a local pub and talk more sh*t! ... as we do! 17. ... and Barry hands out some of his sh*t!  



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