Event - National Conference Birmingham - AGM - 16th April 2016





Links to the three party events and AGM are available below and clickable, just click on the particular event or day you wish to view:


Thursday and Welcome Party

Friday Night Presidents' Ball

41 Club National AGM

Saturday Night Fancy Dress Hoe Down


The National AGM was held at the CBSO Concert Hall, just behind the Crowne Plaza Hotel. A large contingent of Shirley Late Knights were there to support Barry into the National Presidency!


Further activities attended were the Thursday night Welcome Party in the magnificent Council House, the Friday Night Presidents' Ball, and the Final Night Fancy Dress Hoe Down, both of which were held at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground in their new Conference suite. Pictures of these events can be found by clicking on the relevant link (in red) above.


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. A large group from SLK attended the AGM

2. Barry being introduced as 'Vice'

3. National Presidents Alex and Zoe address the AGM

4. Terry Cooper - National President - introduces ...

5. ... the National Conference Team.

6. Andy Ventress as Conference Committee Chairman says a few words

7. Terry thanks the various Committee members 8. The 'International' photoshoot 9. National President of RTBI 10. The victorious Shirley Golfers receive their trophy 11. Terry hands over the BIG GONG to Barry ... 12. ... and gives him a 'thank you' hug ...

13. ... and OH! ... very nearly a kiss! 14. Tim interrupts proceedings ... to show off his nice jacket ... 15. ... Ah! Barry has just spotted it's HIS jacket! 16. Tim also wants to find out just who IS Barry Durman! 17. There he is! Being inducted to Table ... on horseback ... 18. ... there were many pretenders to the call of "Who IS Barry Durman?"

19. Some chaos ensued with several cries of "I am Barry Durman!" 20. One person looked on rather bemused by all this ... 21. ... and Tim continued his rant presentation ... 22. ... as the Shirley crowd look on with amusement 23. Finally, they all burst into song "There's only one Barry Durman!" 24. Barry begins by thanking Terry for keeping the gong warm for him ...



25. ... and also thanks Lynn for keeping Terry organised throughout his year! 26. Barry then goes on to give his speech ... if you've been on tour with Barry you already know most of it! 27. James - newly inducted from Round Table - looks on to see what he can look forward to! 28. And Rachel finds it all very entertaining!    



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