Event - Reunion Speaker Night - 20th November 2015



Report and photos courtesy of Alan Short:


"Shirley Late Knights invited local Shirley hero Tom Lackey to join them as the after dinner speaker at the Reunion Night.


Tom entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2005 at the age of 85 for being the oldest wing walker in the world when he did a loop the loop. More recently at the age of 93 he completed a wing walk across the Irish Sea.


The former builder from Shirley was tied on top of a 1943 Boeing Stearman biplane flying at an altitude of about 1,000ft from Castle Kennedy, near Stranraer, Scotland to Derry."


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1.  Dick wears a red hat

2. Lesley Cooper attended to present the Cooper Cup to this year's winner!

3. Lots of friends in attendance!

4. Tom Lackey shows the moves in model form.

5. Tom tries to explain the finer points of aerodynamics to Ian ....

6. Tom gives us an interesting talk, along with videos and stills of his exploits



7. Tom in his Wingwalking outfit 8. On the wing! 9. A couple of young ladies on National TV tried to chat him up ... 10. Finally, Terry gives the vote of thanks.    



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