Event - New Year Walk 3rd January 2016



Report from our rambling reporter Alan Short:


"The Shirley Late Knights New year walk on Sunday 3rd January was to say the least a bit damp!


Our illustrious chairman provided mulled wine to start the walk then wimped out and met us back in the pub for lunch.


We started the walk at the Durham Ox at Shrewley and did a 4 mile loop through fields and canal banks and an amazing tunnel. All were wet, but warmed up with a beer, wine and food at the end. Highly recommended pub for Sunday lunch."


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.


1.  Crossing the canal by the bridge. Even swimming across wouldn't have made anyone any wetter!

2. The group contemplating the muddy track ... but the realisation that the pub was beyond meant ...

3. ... forging on through the mud and rain, until finally arriving at ...

4. ... the pub! Beer and hot food was obviously called for, although I'm not sure the Chairman getting to his feet was!

5. However, the beer and hot food obviously helped everyone survive Ian and Barry's words!





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