Event - Camping Weekend 10th to 12th July 2015



Well, the official dates for what has effectively become the joint 4 Clubs Camping weekend was 10th to 12th July, but for certain reasons (too complicated to explain here) your Webmaster provided the 'advance guard' and arrived on site a day early, on the evening of Thursday 9th July!


For all the comments about the 'old girl' (the CARAVAN! I'm referring to the caravan!) it proved to be most useful on the Saturday evening when the weather tried to dampen our spirits, literally in fact, as we moved on to our second malt whisky tasting session, the first having been held on the Friday evening. The awning provided enough shelter (just!) for all to keep dry during the short showers. More of that later.


Anyway, having arrived on the Thursday evening, it wasn't until around 4pm the next day that the first campers arrived, Barry and Rachel! They were soon followed by the others for a good weekend!


Barry and his 'girls' even got 'poshed up' at the campsite on the Sunday ready to go off to the Ladies Regional Tea Party being held in Stratford on the Sunday afternoon.


To find out some of the happenings etc between the two photos shown right I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.


1.  Yours truly arrives and sets up on the Thursday evening ...

2. ... ready for all the other weekend campers who arrived during Friday afternoon or early evening!

3. Saturday saw us set off for a 'short' walk to the pub ... and saw this.

4. Nigel even ended up carrying a dog this time, instead of a brick. Our walk took us on a 'small detour' ...

5. ... to see a water mill! Sharon is trying to get someone to go up the steps first for a ...

6. ... GROUP PHOTO! 'Eeee, looks like there's trouble at t' mill!

7. We set off again, to find the 'short detour' added a further 2 miles to our walk! 8. However, we managed not to lose anyone, had a good pub lunch, and made it back to the campsite! 9. In the evening there were Chairman's nibbles, a BBQ, and then under the awning to avoid the rain showers. 10. As you can see from the table, there was significant alcohol consumed, and much banter! 11. And of course we finished off with a malt whisky tasting session! 12. Then Barry and some of the Ladies got all dressed up to go off to a Regional Tea Party on the Sunday afternoon! 



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