Event - SLK AGM 7th April 2016



An interruption from the ladies of Shirley Tangent made this event rather more interesting! They seemed to be accompanied by several David Bowies ...


They wanted to welcome Nigel into the Chair.


The rest of the evening went according the usual plan (and chaos?!) with Ian in charge and thanking his Council members for all their efforts during the year.


He then couldn't put it off any longer and reached the point at which he finally handed over to Nigel.


All photos courtesy of Alan Short Photography Inc.

1. David Bowie x 2



4. Maggie 'instructs' Nigel about what is expected of him though the year



7. 8. Ian thanks Nigel for his year as 'Vice' 9. Tim is thanked for ... well, whatever it was he did as Secretary 10. Meanwhile, everyone else waits to see if there's anything for them ... 11. More thanks - Andy ... 12. Dick ...

13. Bryan ... 14. ... and a last shot of Nigel with the 'Vice' gong ... 15. Ian welcomes the 2 new members across from Round Table 16. ... and again, for the photographer ... 17. Finally, Ian hands the Chairman's gong over to Nigel 18. Nigel then welcomes Paul as the new 'Vice'



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