Event - Ladies Night at Shirley Golf Club 29th November 2014



A complete sell-out and a great night for all those who attended! There were around 90 guests crammed into the Shirley Golf Club Function room for this illustrious event.


The raffle was done in aid of Martin's Blood Bike Charity and raised far more than Martin was expecting, for which he thanked everyone profusely and perhaps even slightly emotionally!


We even had a visit from the Hall Green Inquisition but they were eventually bested by our very own Champion Late Knight Sir Tim D'Shirley!


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. Guests gather for the event

2. The menfolk talk the usual talk over a drink

3. Tangent Chairman Glenys

4. ... and more from Tangent

5. The MC tries to maintain some order ...

6. ... easier once we are all sat down ...

7. 8. Jayne Pepall has a go at blowing ... it's a balloon, Lewis! 9. Martin gets to speak to us about his Blood Bike cause 10. Chairman and Penny enjoy the moment ... 11. ... The girls come round with the raffle ... 12. The Chairman shares a moment before he has to get up to make his speech

13. Greg and Chris 14. James and Sharon 15. The room readies for the Chairman's speech 16. ... and yes, the Chairman gets up to speak ... 17. ... to be interrupted by the Hall Green Inquisition 18. ... who doubt his credentials for the Shirley Late Knights top job!

19. Never fear! Sir Tim D'Shirley arrives to plead his case! 20. The Inquisition put forth many spurious charges ... 21. ... meanwhile, the rest of the guests await the outcome ... 22. ... the trial is eventually resolved, and sentence duly served! 23. Alan and Claire 24. Lewis and Jayne Pepall - AKA Mr and Mrs Round Table Chairman




25. Martin is overwhelmed by the donations from the evening! 26. Glenys thanks SLK for the evening on behalf of Tangent and Guests 27.      



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