Event - Real Ale Tour of Birmingham - 4th December 2014



For our December Social meeting the Chairman took a thirsty bunch of SLK'ers up to Birmingham on the train (well, it avoids the drink and drive problem!). This was so they could partake of a conducted tour by CAMRA of the historic landmark pubs of Birmingham. The tour started at the Wellington with its vast range of beers, then on to the Joint Stock for some Fullers beer.


A short walk to the Old Contemptibles then a longer walk to the Jewellery Quarter ending at the Red Lion steeped in old Birmingham history.


It seems it was an enjoyable evening (for those that can remember it!) and I am sure it will be suggested again in the future! (I do hope so, I was ill at the time and couldn't attend! Ed)


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. Paul seems to be working his way along the pumps

2. A dark alley - hopefully we didn't loose too many here

3. Various establishments provided sustenance

4. It was obviously cold ...

5. Lovely ceiling!

6. Had a few samples by now, have we?




7. A good chat ... as you do over a beer or three 8. The Chairman is still wondering which pumps he still has to sample 9. The CAMRA guide extolling the virtues of yet another beer!      



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