Event - Dudley Canal Tunnel 7th August 2014



August saw us on a trip to Dudley Canal Tunnel and a guided trip through it. This trip is not normally available to the general public except through organised groups so we were privileged to be able to do this.


After we arrived and parked the fun began as we had to board a coach to take us to the other end of the tunnel. There we got aboard the boat and immediately were served our fish and chips!


A few of us even had a go at 'legging' the boat through the tunnel. We did at most 5 minutes each (even that might be generous!) and were knackered. The 'leggers' of old took 4 hours to get a boat through, and would then immediately turn round and take one back the other way!


For more narrative, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. A good turnout from the Club ... some attendees are not in shot though!

2. Some confusion as we all try to decide where to sit

3. Finally everyone has a seat and we can tuck into our fish and chips!

4. Onward into the tunnel. Round top brick arch here

5. Old brickwork but still in good condition. They don't build ';em like they used to!

6. In some places the rock is good enough not to need the brick lining

7. Jon and myself 'legging' the boat through the tunnel 8. Notice the brickwork here has a pointed arch top 9. Richard and Peter have a go at 'legging' too 10. Stalactites created by the minerals in the dripping water 11. There are even some illustrations of how work was done on the tunnel 12. The rescue boat. There in case anyone fell in ... or lost a hat! Greg!



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