Event - Visit to the Morgan Factory with Northants 41 Club



In mid August 2012 a group of SLKers joined Northants 41 Club to meet for a pie and pint and then go round the Morgan factory in Malvern.

Attached (see below) are a few pictures, including some of the new three wheeler which is a quite amazing vehicle. Morgan have improved their vehicle flow since the fondly remembered visit by the industrial guru Sir John Harvey Jones. But they still have to manoeuvre the chassis for the three wheeler on its side though a small door for part of the build process.

A great visit and great fellowship.



The same photos of the visit can be found by going to THIS LINK (i.e. CLICK HERE!). You can scroll through them by clicking the individual thumbnail photo along the bottom of the screen, or click on the left or right hand grey border area to go to the last or next


1. Some members of SLK joined Northants 41 Club

2. Being shown round the works.

3. A car during assembly.

4. A whole line of part built cars.

5. Closely inspecting the workmanship ...

6. A car in the finishing area ...



7. One of their new 3-wheelers.

8. The engine is air cooled ...

9. A potential customer being shown what it can do ...

10. A nice line up of classics!



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