Event - Four Clubs Joint Event 2012 - Halfpenny Green Vineyard visit



Many members from all 4 Clubs made their way to Halfpenny Green Vineyard for an evening learning about how the wine is made .... and of course quite a lot of sampling!


The same and some more photos of the night can be found by going to THIS LINK (i.e. CLICK HERE!) to see those taken by our resident photographer Alan Short. You can scroll through them by clicking the individual thumbnail photo along the bottom of the screen, or click on the left or right hand grey border area to go to the last or next


1. Lots of talk about the winemaking - Brian can only look, but can't taste!!!

2. The Chairman is already under the influence, just see how much he is leaning already!

3. A cube of wine!

4. Jon has found one of their 'toys' and wants to have a play!

5. Meanwhile, Colin attempts a new sport - plant wrestling. I think it's getting the better of him ...

6. ... after which he needs something to soothe and chill out with ...




7. More wine talk.

8. Lots of sampling!

9. And to finish, a panoramic pic of all in attendance. Click the picture for the full view.




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