Event - Solihull Fire Station visit 4th October



We visited our local fire Service to see what they get up to when not attending any action!


Despite trying to arrange a callout to get out of having to host 20 or so Late Knights, it turned out to be just an exercise so they were able to show us their equipment ...


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1. Bruce looks baffled ... "where's the SATNAV?!"

2. Paul holds a big piece of firemen's equipment

3. Terry wants to know how the other half live ...

4. "Ah! THAT's where they keep their helmets!"

5. Terry still  looking ...

6. The government cutbacks mean the fire engines are now smaller ... and second hand


7. Alan tries out the position

8. Where's the keys?!

9. Some of us

10. The rest of the group! 11. Alan finally gets to grab the fireman's pole ...  

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