Event - AGM 4th April 2013



The AGM got under way with the Chairman spouting forth about something or other, but can you see who (if anyone!) is paying him any attention (No! This is NOT the next Webmasters competition - just in case you were asking ...)


The meeting progressed with the usual end of year speeches about how good each incumbent had been - those were from the incumbent themselves, after all, who else was going to?


There was a 'Moonwalk' interruption from our IntOff's better half Maggie, who was asking for sponsorship support for her efforts.


After that it gat rather rowdier as the Chairman passed out his spotted cock offering from The Shed.


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1. The Chairman desperately tries to find anyone paying attention ...

2. Maggie tells us all about her 'Moonwalk', and asks for support ...

3. The Chairman is finally driven to drink ...

4. ... and the call is quickly taken up by everyone else!

5. Finally, he can take no more, and hands the Chairman's gong over to David

6. 'Good luck, mate! I survived! Just! Now it's YOUR turn!'




7. David thinks: 'Only a year, then it's YOUR turn!'

8. ... and we all drank to that!

9. 10. 11. 12.



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