Event - Round Table Wales Weekend


First of all, WELL DONE NICK! What a great weekend! What happened? Read on:

The advance party of about 8 set off to "South Wales" on the Friday morning to be greeted with beer and a great buffet lunch put on courtesy of Nick's Mum, at her B & B she runs in Ilfracombe.

This was followed by an assault on the Sea front with beer supply ably carried by various Tablers. We were aiming for Nick's boat ...
... but Nick keeps it out of our reach in mid-harbour so we had to wait on the quayside while he paddled out to it and brought it alongside the harbour wall ... ... and after a little climbing down ladders, we made it onto the boat and were taken for a ride ... (what? you mean like we usually are?!)
The beer supply was secured aboard ... ... and immediately attacked by those not looking too green (Nigel!!)
Yours truly making my way into the cabin ... ... to talk to Nick, who was driving ...
The method of disembarkation was different ... ... but we all finally made it to the pub to talk the usual boll*cks about our adventures on the high seas!
Meanwhile, the chairman found something to do ... The next morning, some were seen wearing some unusual headgear, apparently protection against something. Hopefully not the Chairman!
We all mounted our steeds to ride off ... ... across the countryside. Well, we did once the photos were dealt with!
The afternoon was spent on a very leisurely boat trip along the coast, and drinking beer of course. Of course, we managed the inevitable pub stop, to talk more b*llocks.
The Chairman had been going all afternoon so by the time we got to the restaurant he was feeling somewhat under the weather ... ... and finally couldn't cope any more.
The next morning we took on a short walk over the headland to get rid of those hangovers ... From the top we could see for miles and miles ...
... and down the other side to "refuel" at a pub. However, although it was about 11:30am they weren't yet open! A quick discussion with the Landlord about 16 thirsty Tablers outside soon produced the necessary! That about sums it up really. We managed to leave the town of Illfracombe pretty much as we found it ... well it looks ok from this distance, anyway!
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