Event - 41 Club Karting Night


There were no photos obtained of the event by your Webmaster, but if anyone has any please send them to me and I will endeavour to include them!


A great evening's entertainment was had by all. Coops was the first to arrive and sign in, but it seems that was almost the only time he was first, apart from one race when he was on pole position. If you want to hear his spin on it, make sure you have 20 minutes to spare!


Modesty (almost) forbids me to tell much of what happened, but all drivers got five heats, being placed on positions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the grid. For those who couldn't work it out, points were awarded as per 8 points for first, 7 points for second, 6 points for third, 5 points for fourth, and 4 points for fifth place. If anyone was black flagged they would receive NIL points for that race. (I don't believe anyone was, although more out of luck than judgement I think!)


There seemed to be a considerable amount of "friendly" or "accidental" contact (I was driven into and along the tyre wall on at least one occasion!), some spins due to lack of control, and general mayhem when one driver seemed to think he was out for a gentle evening cruise. However, he was awarded the "most improved driver" by the rest of the attendees, by more than halving his lap times throughout the evening!


Finally we reached the point where the top 6 drivers after the 20 heats were then entered in a Grand Final of 12 laps.


The Final results were:


Position  Name         Laptime (Seconds)

1.         Chris Head      19.37

2.         Bruce Bragg    19.94

3.         Gary Phipps     19.80

4.         Tony Cramp     19.92

5.         Barry Durman   20.04

6.         Igor Polk         20.09


Interestingly, the second fastest driver was Tim Brown, clocking 19.67 seconds in the final heat. Obviously gaining an advantage by being in my slipstream!




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