Event - Shirley Round Table Ladies Night (3rd February)


Shirley Table's Ladies Night was held at the George Hotel (or whatever it is called these days..) and there was yet another excellent turnout, with 104 in attendance!

Here we see Chairman Richard trying to work out which table he is meant to sit at. I think he was confused by the Table numbers .... 

Here we see Shirley Late Knight Chico .... errrr .... Mike Clarke enjoying taking wine with all other golf bandits in the room (presumably ...!)

... and here we seem to see Helen being distracted by Area 35 Chairman Kevin Johns, while Richard is seen enjoying a liaison to his left ..... and looking closely it seems Barry is seeing red!

Note the table number, probably why Richard was confused, he thought Top Table should be number 1 .... this must explain why he is so crap at pool!

Meanwhile, the cabaret got underway. I can't possibly think why they are dressed like that, can you?

Then it was noticed that Barry squared up to Richard, but I can't see any red now, can you?

Oh, hang on, I think they're dancing together! Doesn't that make it worse??

Well, eventually it had to happen, Richard found his rightful place. We just hope it isn't for too much longer ...

Meanwhile yours truly also got caught in the same place. Wishful thinking? (by someone) Or will it come true? Answers on a postcard .....
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