Event - International trip to Madrid September 22nd to 30th 2019



A select band of 13 SLK'ers headed off for a cultural tour of various parts of Madrid and the surrounding area.


Soon after their arrival they are seen enjoying the culture in a local establishment ... that appears to serve beer!


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1.  In the bar straight away!

2. Then, it's on to sample the food culture!

3. Mr Chairman seems to have found a shrubbery! A Late Knight that says "Ni!"

4. Viewing some architectural culture!

5. More architecture ...

6. The old town of?

7. Another old town view 8. Gerard gets to know a local ... 9. Taking in some football culture! 10. Gerard wishing his team could win anything! 11. Continuing to take in the football culture 12. Alan, no chance! ... but ...


13. David shows some potential! ... oh, look at the BIG picture ... 14. Celebrating with the winners! ... oh ... for 2018! 15. A wedding in the square?! 16. More architectural culture! 17. Looks like a bar setting again ... what a surprise!  



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