Event - Reunion Night - 3rd November 2016



Report courtesy of Chris and Alan


Our annual meeting where we greet old friends saw us congregating at the St Johns Hotel as usual. As has become tradition, we had a speaker along to entertain us, this time mainly talking about the new phenomenon of drones, and the legislation for them.


We were even treated to a short flying demonstration of a drone, but hot either of the big helicopters our speaker brought with him!


Once the speaker had finished Andy had the small matter of handing over some golf trophies that several of our members have been involved in. There was the individual 'Cooper Cup' trophy won this year by Neil Mullett, and the National Golf trophy won again by SLK. Well done to all the SLK golfers this year!


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1.  The speaker shows us his chopper

2. Ian doesn't seem too sure when it is placed right in front of him

3. This fellow has TWO choppers!

4. He even flew a drone around the room ... well, along it a bit ...

5. The Cooper Cup winner Neil Mullett

6. Our victorious National Golf Trophy winners




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