Event - Joint Meeting with Round Table - 8th January 2015



We held our first meeting of the New Year as a joint get together with Shirley Round Table and we had the National Vice President of Round Table as our speaker for the evening.


Rather unsurprisingly he spoke about Round Table, it's future plans, and what 41 Clubs could do to help their local Tables to survive and even thrive!


Of course, in Shirley we have fairly strong links between all the 4 clubs of our 'Round Table Family' and hopefully we are doing many of the things suggested during the evening. However, we did end the night on a fairly hopeful note that we are very much behind giving 'our Table' whatever support they need.


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.

1.  Chairman Keith calls us to order

2. Steve Hilditch is introduced as our next (most likely) inductee!

3. Chris and all Tablers are introduced ...

4. Chairman Lewis and Vice Chairman Mark ...

5. ... and the rest of the 'youngsters'

6. The Round Table National V.P. spoke to us ... (is Barry listening?) ...





7. ... about how 41 Clubs can help their local Tables 8. Then he presented our Chairman with a nice gift ... but he wouldn't share it!        



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