Event - RAF Cosford Museum visit 1st August 2013




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There was a good turnout for the outside visit to RAF Cosford Museum, with a presence from Table along as well. We were divided up into groups of about 8 or 9 and taken round the various exhibits.


One group to the right are seen near one of the outside exhibits, a Lockheed SP-2H Neptune.


For more, I suggest you peruse the photos (and captions) below.


1.  The tour began near the Nimrod

2. ... and the Lockheed Neptune.

3. Inside we were treated to guided talks on the various aircraft

4. An early development of the Jaguar aircraft

5. A jet engine

6. The English Electric P1A, a forerunner of the later Lightning

7. They even named an aircraft in Alan's honour ... 8. Do I need to say what this is? 9. ... and this shows the development of the armament for the Spitfire 10. ... and the P51 Mustang, able to escort the bombers all the way to Germany and back 11. The Chairman models some new headgear ... 12. A Catalina anti-submarine aircraft, which played a key role in the Battle of the Atlantic

13. A Messerschmitt Me 410 'Hornisse' (Hornet) 14. Alan has a long one! 15. Chris in front of the BAe Harrier GR9A 16. One of the groups looking bemused ... 17. The supersonic Bristol Type 188, built in stainless steel due to friction heating issues 18. A Hawker Hunter hanging nose down ... (F86 Sabre just in front of it)

19. The Dornier 17 'Flying pencil' in conservation. The landing gear wheel is still inflated with 1940's air! 20. Another photo of this conservation project. 21. Looking into the bomb bay of the Vulcan bomber. This was built to carry nuclear weapons ... 22. Posing in front of the Vulcan bomber! 23. The classic Douglas Dakota hanging above a Handley Page Hastings, and a Gloucester Javelin hanging beyond it 24. And to finish - what else, but the English Electric Lightning, hung vertically! Perfectly posed!



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