Event - Joint Ghost Walk with Tangent 21st February 2013



On a night when even brass monkeys wouldn't have ventured out, there were a good number from both Late Knights and Tangent who turned out on a freezing night in Birmingham to learn all about the ghosts said to inhabit various places and buildings around the city centre. The photos that follow show much attentive listening to the guides by all who were there .... or maybe they were just frozen solid by then.


If anyone has any more pictures to add please send them to me!

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1. Everyone assembles ...

2. The Guides for the evening

3. Clare finds a new friend!

4. The town hall was on the route ..

5. The guides told of ghosts in many places ...

6. ... while being listened to by a frozen throng ...

7. Another cold venue!

8. The Trocadero

9. A very welcome pub for drinks ... 10. The Guides joined in too ... 11. ... still thawing out ... 12. ... nearly warm now ...


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