Event - Speaker Meeting 7th March 2013



Our Speaker for the evening was a member of Solihull 41 Club, and a Millennium Way Warden himself, who came to tell us all about the Millennium Way and how we can help maintain it for all walkers wishing to walk various sections of it, or manage the complete route! He himself helped set it up and helps manage its upkeep.


Here we can see him presenting several slides illustrating the walk and what is required to maintain the Millennium Way as a good well managed walking route.

 ... the speaker continues with his talk ...

 ... meanwhile Ian Partridge takes a quick drag ... luckily it is one of these new fangled 'electronic' cigarettes (well, that's what he tells us, anyway!) ...

... and the rest of the club members listen attentively. In fact there were a number of interesting questions at the end so it seems everyone (or most!) had been listening and were still awake!

By the end of the night there were several volunteers to act as 'section wardens' for the Kenilworth and Warwick part of the walk.


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