Event - Shirley Round Table AGM 12th April 2012



Shirley Round Table AGM was held at Christos's Fish and Chip restaurant. A memorable place for an AGM! Several of our own members were in attendance to see the handover to the new Chairman!


1. The fish restaurant has plenty of capacity for a typical Table meeting these days!

2. It is a case of 'take your own' ... and drink it! These two were obviously setting an example to the rest!

3. Several reports were given, including Roly telling everyone what a great year he has had!

4. There was even an induction!

5. ... and the usual sounds when the badge was pinned on!

6. Gary summed up his year ... just how many pages is his speech?




7. Gary handed over the Chairman's gong to James and wished him well for his year!

8. The Presidents gong was also handed on to Alan!

9. ... and to finish a 'Team photo', just to emulate our Chairman's idea!




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