Event - Visit to Midland Air Museum 2nd June 2011



A visit to the Midland Air Museum next to Coventry Airport saw us looking over a whole load of old (and some quite historic) civilian and military aviation hardware!


1. We arrived and were taken around the indoor exhibits

2. ... before we headed outside into the glorious evening sunshine, if a little chilly ...

3. One of the outdoor exhibits in fine condition

4. Having a close look at a Harrier jump jet ...or AV8 as the Americans call them ...

5. ... and looking at the other side ... it was getting a little chilly by now ...

6. ... so Dave Ollis wanted to warm his ears ...



7. Now we examine the classic F4 Phantom jet

8. Brian has a go at piloting the Russian MIL helicopter, a mean machine if ever there was one!

9. ... in fact, several of us fancy a go in this one!!!

10. The cockpit of a Vulcan bomber. Imagine being cooped up in here for 18 hours at a stretch!



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