Event - National Conference 2008


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Who says Shirley Late Knights don't do things in style? Here is the Chairman arriving in his transport .....

..... and having landed safely, the Chairman's escort entourage stop for a photo shoot.

Well, I am sure all the above is how Coops would like to have seen it ..... but .....

The significance of the helicopter is that it is part of the Air Ambulance Service - the National Charity for 41 Club, Table & Tangent for the coming year - more detail on the 41 Club National website.

Pictured are (from left to right): Drew Cochran the newly installed President of 41 Club with Pat Paulson similarly, just installed as President of Tangent Clubs and Peter Manley, President of Round Table. (after them, I am not sure who the other two are, I am sure Coops or Barry can enlighten me - Webmaster)

Some photos follow from the President's Ball.

The lady seen here with Coops was on their table - it is not Lesley in disguise!


Dave Ollis looking happy now he has handed on the responsibility of Chairmanship to Coops, and Chris looking very happy about it too!
Nigel with Lesley, ... hey, you're not touting for business are you Nigel?!
..... and finally we have Barry Branson - part of a 'skit' on all National Exec & National Councillors.
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