Event - Wales Weekend




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The "Friday Club" - the bike riders Rod 'dropping off' Friday night at the cottage The merry band of walkers all ready for the off The now not so merry band slogging up the hill The rest stop near the lake ...
... we carried on resting for a bit Then it was onward for the summit! Some tried it by a different route ... Made it! Aha! We found the three wise monkeys! We rested, ate and drank in the hut ...
The atmosphere was a bit thick! We made it back down, had a swim, and then went out for a meal ... Much discussion and the usual b*ll*cks talked about the day's exploits The next morning's hangover cure - raft building! Two people 'doing' - everyone else building 'by consultative committee' Afloat! 'bl**dy hell, it floats!'
... and the other raft After floating about, it was off to ride the railway Our engine, with female driver Backing onto the coaches ... Most of us aboard the train ... ... and at the end of the line we had to walk back ...
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